Tuition Policy

The tuition policy will be reviewed by the School Board on an annual basis. This will be done in conjunction with providing a budget to the Finance Committee. Any changes in this policy will be communicated to the school families in the spring of the year and will commence on July 1 of that year.



We strongly encourage all school families to choose automatic deduction of tuition. All new school families are required to use this method of payment.



We will continue to offer Tuition Payment Books with coupons for monthly payments. Payments are due on the 15th of each month beginning July 15. Families who have only an eighth grade student in school will make tuition payments on a 10-month schedule. Payments should be mailed or brought to the Parish Office. A mailing label is included to identify the tuition payment, or you may write “tuition” on the envelope so that your payment will be posted to your account and not be confused as a parish donation. If you wish to pay your tuition in full at the beginning of the tuition cycle, you will receive a 3% discount. This must be paid by July 15 in order to qualify.



Any family that has a balance due at the end of the semester will not be allowed to continue in the school. Report cards and records will not be released or transferred if there is a balance due.



Financial Requirements – Payments in full must be made for all financial obligations to the school before the day of graduation. Within the 10 days prior to graduation, the local administration has the right to require a specific method of payment. If a student at the time of graduation has a balance to his/her account, the student’s final report card and cumulative record will not be issued until the account has been settled.



Finally, we will continue to offer financial assistance to families in need. Please call the Finance Manager’s Office (Mr. Kevin Sucher – 314-487-2522 ext. 210) for the proper forms.