Learning Consultant program

Two teachers serve as learning consultants to the students at our school. One teacher works with students in grades K-4, and the other assists students in grades 6-8. Grade 5 is a transition year in which both learning consultants work together with students and teachers in order that services are maintained without interruption.

The teachers are available to help students with or without a diagnosis of a learning disability or attention deficit disorder. Teachers will refer students to the learning consultants for assistance on a regular basis or occasional basis in areas such as:

  • Reinforcement of classroom instruction
  • Addressing areas of weakness in skill development
  • Strengthening fine motor skills
  • Assisting with organization or study skills
  • Providing help with note taking
  • Conducting small group review for quizzes or tests
  • Administering of tests to allow for rephrasing, and monitoring of focus and comprehension

The learning consultants may come into the classroom to assist with class lessons or small groups.

The learning consultants will assist classroom teachers and parents in identifying and implementing curriculum adjustments, instructional changes, and environmental changes to better serve students with special needs.

The learning consultants will coordinate and assist with the completion of paper work required for formal student evaluations, and conduct the required classroom observations. They will also assist in interpreting multidisciplinary evaluations for parents and regular classroom teachers.