Educating Minds and Hearts


St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School offers a solid, comprehensive religious and academic program for students, catered to each individual’s needs. As students are formed to be the Hands, Heart, and Feet of Christ, teachers design classroom and homework activities to motivate and challenge each individual in a supportive environment.


STEM Program

SMMA Math classes include groupings according to test scores so that individual students can move at their own pace.

SMMA is equipped with innovative labs where students can engage in and explore science, technology, religion, engineering, arts and math.

SMMA boasts an innovative computer lab and a full time Technology Coordinator on staff. Students frequently use MacBooks and the Internet in support of the educational and moral objectives of the school.

Care Team

SMMA is proud to have a CARE TEAM consisting of the school principal, learning consultants, school counselor and various faculty members in place in order to respond to identified academic and behavioral concerns of its students. There are two learning consultants currently on staff.