SMMA “Out-of-Uniform” Dress Code

Below is the dress code for all out-of-uniform days. Failure to adhere to the policy will result in a telephone call to the parents to bring the child’s uniform to school.



Socks MUST be worn. The socks must be visible to the observer. All shirts MUST be long enough to be tucked into pants, shorts, or skirts. No spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, or low-riding pants/skirts. No spandex or tight fitting exercise or yoga pants.

The following may NEVER BE WORN:
• make-up or nail polish for grades K-7
• shorts (during summer uniform months, only appropriate length shorts may be worn; shorts should be same length as PE shorts; capri length pants are preferred for girls)
• holes in jeans
• cut-offs
• t-shirts with offensive sayings or pictures (as determined by the faculty and staff)
• shirts with beer, alcohol, tobacco advertisements

If there is an exception to this dress code, it will be specifically noted in the Newsletter announcing out-of-uniform days.