Lunch Program

The cafeteria menu for each month will be posted on FastDirect. Food Service Consultants, Inc. willprovide a hot lunch program on a daily basis.

A plate lunch will be available, along with many ala carte items. A letter about the hot lunch program and the purchase of lunch cards is included in the August Family Packet.

The school receives some subsidy from the lunch program.


Children may bring their lunch from home or buy it.

If children bring their lunch in a bag or lunch box, it should be marked with the child’s name and homeroom.

If your child forgets his/her lunch, you may bring lunch to school and put it on the table in the cafeteria. Please mark the lunch with your child’s name and homeroom.

It is suggested that each family place $50 minimum deposit in the LUNCH CAFÉ MEAL ACCOUNT administered by Food Service Consultants. The money in this account is never lost as it transfers from year to year and is returned in the event a child leaves the school.

Account balances are posted daily on FastDirect.