Field Trips

Special programs, displays, performances offered in the St. Louis area that coordinate with the subject matter being taught may be attended in a class group.


Field trips are privileges. No student has an absolute right to a field trip. Students can be denied participation if they fail to meet academic or behavioral requirements.

Each student will be required, at the time of the trip, to pay the fee to cover bus transportation and/or other expenses.

Parents will be informed about these trips in advance, and a permission slip will need to be signed and returned to school in order for a child to participate in the field trip.

We will have “in-house” field trips where we invite groups to our school. When necessary, students will be asked to pay a minimal fee for these programs.

Uniforms will be worn unless otherwise indicated on the field trip parent letter.



All students are expected to attend field trips, as this is a school activity. If there is a problem, the parent should contact the school office to discuss this.

Parents who are leaving cars at school while they are on a field trip should park on the Upper Church Lot. DO NOT park on Lot A. This lot is used for recess.


Parents attending a field trip should not bring along younger children.