Electronic Devices

Students may not use cell phones, pagers, or recreational electronic devices during the school day. If a child is entrusted with a cell phone for after school events, this phone needs to be turned off during the school day and remain unnoticeable in the child’s bookbag. We cannot be responsible for lost phones.



Phones or other electronic devices that are visible during school hours will be confiscated and sent to the principal’s office. The item will be returned once the parents have had a conference with the principal and a fee of $10 has been paid by the student.

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School understands that students/parents have access to technology that enables them to record, either visually or audibly, a student of the school or member of the school staff. Out of respect for the students in our school, students and parents are not to publicly post any videos, pictures or audio recordings of students at school events unless the student/parent(s) have the express written permission from the school to do so. This includes, but is not limited to, online photo-sharing and posting videos on YouTube or similar applications.

Additionally, in order to ensure the privacy of members of the school staff, students and parents are not to record a member of the school staff without the express permission of the staff member. As such, students and parents are prohibited from recording classroom lessons/discussions and are prohibited from photographing or videotaping teachers without the teachers’ permission. Likewise, students and parents shall not publicly post any videos, pictures or audio recordings of staff members unless the student/parent(s) have the express written permission from the school staff member. This includes, but is not limited to, online photo-sharing and posting videos to YouTube or similar applications.

Archdiocesan Internet and Electronic Communications Conduct (4303.4)


A safe environment for all members of the school community should be a hallmark of a Catholic school. This is accomplished, in part, by fostering a climate based on Gospel values that emphasize the dignity of and respect for all persons. Words, actions, or depictions which violate the privacy, safety, or good name of others are inconsistent with that goal. Whether occurring within or outside of school, when students jeopardize the safe environment or act contrary to those Gospel values they can be subject to disciplinary action by the school. This policy applies to communications or depictions through e-mail, text messages, or web site postings, whether they occur through the school’s equipment or connectivity resources or through private communications, which:

  • are of a sexual nature
  • threaten, libel, slander, malign, disparage, harass or embarrass members of the school community or
  • in the principal’s discretion, cause harm to the school, or the school community (collectively referred to as “Inappropriate Electronic Conduct”). Inappropriate Electronic Conduct shall be subject to the full range of disciplinary consequences, including withdrawal for cause. (See 4302, Serious Disciplinary Consequences).

In accord with Archdiocesan policy and procedure (4302), appropriate disciplinary actions taken by the principal and pastor may include:

  • additional parent/guardian conferences
  • mandatory counseling
  • suspension
  • withdrawal for cause
  • legal action depending on the severity of the incident.

Prior to any disciplinary action being taken, a student-parent-principal conference must occur to discuss the incident and course of action. Electronic communication hardware, software, and connectivity are provided at St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School to enhance learning. The above school policies are in place to assure for responsible electronic and Internet behavior.