Eighth Grade Information

In accordance with Archdiocesan policy, SMMA teachers/administration will not issue letters of recommendation to high schools. Our school office sends all appropriate records requested by the high school. Visitation to high schools is limited to students in their first semester of eighth grade. We strongly encourage students to make these visitations when our school is not in session.

Information regarding Graduation will be sent home in March. We have a Graduation Mass for students and their families here at SMMA. After Mass the graduates and parents attend a dinner and awards ceremony at the Parish Center.

A dress code for Graduation will be sent home in early spring.

Financial Requirements – Payment in full must be made for all financial obligations to the school before the day of graduation. Within the 10 days prior to graduation, the local administration has the right to require a specific method of payment. If a student at the time of graduation has a balance to his/her account, the report card and cumulative record will not be issued until the account has been settled.