Assignments are valuable for pupil-training and mental discipline.

Parents should try to provide the child with a suitable atmosphere in which to study. The child may be helped, but too much help may destroy the spirit of independence necessary in the child’s scholastic training.


To encourage pride in their work, student assignments should be neat, legible, and complete.


Some students work more rapidly than others and may complete more assignments in school. Should this be the case, parents should encourage extra study and drill work, which have great educational value.


Children at any grade level should always be encouraged to read books outside of schoolwork. Reading library books is beneficial to all students.


If a child does not have his/her assignments completed at the proper time, an INCOMPLETE HOMEWORK NOTICE will be issued to students in grades l-8. This will be a notice specifying the work that is unfinished and will be signed by the teacher. The child will have one night to complete the work and bring back the HOMEWORK NOTICE signed by his/her parents and the completed assignments the following day.


Parents should see the completed work before signing the Homework Notice.


Students who accumulate more than 5 late homework notices during a quarter may be asked to attend a mandatory after school study hall in order to complete assigned work. Parents will be notified by the child’s homeroom teacher regarding this consequence. Students will be supervised by school personnel and will be dismissed when the assignments are complete, or by 4:00 p.m. Students will be required to attend this session until the end of the quarter or until grades improve.


If you find that your child seems to be spending an excessive amount of time on homework, you should contact the teacher and discuss the situation.


Assignments concerning students who are absent – See ABSENCE / TARDINESS.


There may be instances when homework needs to be completed over the weekend.