Arrival and Dismissal

Parents may bring students to school anytime between 7:00-7:30 A.M. for a fee. This Early Arrival fee is for the entire school year and must be paid by the first day of school. A teacher will supervise these students in her classroom. Please complete the Early Arrival form found on FastDirect and return it to the school office. This service will begin the first day of school. Students should enter the building through the last door on the circle drive. NO STUDENTS MAY BE DROPPED OFF PRIOR TO 7:30 A.M. unless you use the service described above, or special arrangements have been made with the principal.

Students should arrive at school between 7:30 – 7:50 A.M. and should go directly to their classrooms. A note should accompany children arriving past 7:50 A.M.

Children should use the entrance by the school office in the circle drive during morning arrival.



When picking up students at 2:50 P.M. dismissal, ALL CARS SHOULD PARK ON THE CHURCH LOT CLOSEST TO RINGER ROAD.


Parents should not park in neighboring subdivisions to pick up children who have been dismissed as walkers.


The common practice and expectation of our school is that all students are dropped off and picked up from school each day by a parent/legal guardian/or person appropriately designated by a parent/legal guardian. If you wish to have your child walk to or from school, please notify the teacher on the first day of school. In case of inclement weather, the school asks the parents/guardian make appropriate arrangements to insure the safety and well being of the student. As a condition of allowing the student to walk to school or home after school, the parents/legal guardians of the student agree to indemnify and hold harmless the school, the parish, the Archdiocese of St. Louis, from any injury to student, damage or loss of personal property related to the student walking to or from school.


At arrival and dismissal all cars must enter through the main entrance on the upper level. The circle drive is ONE-WAY.


Do not enter through the back drive at arrival or dismissal. This entrance is reserved for walkers, preschool drop-off, and preschool pick-up.


MORNING KINDERGARTEN: The Kindergarten children should follow the same procedure at 7:30 A.M. and 2:50 P.M. However, at the 11:30 A.M. dismissal parents should park in the circle drive pulling down all the way to Ringer Road.


There are some days that students are dismissed early. Check the calendar for these dates and dismissal times.



2:50 P.M. – 1-8 CARPOOLS


Please be prompt in picking up children at dismissal time. In the event that your arrival is delayed, contact the school office immediately so that your child is informed to wait in the school foyer until you arrive or arrange for alternate transportation.


Never offer to take home a child who is not a usual member of your carpool without prior arrangement and notes informing the school office of this change to normal student pick-up. Students who seem to be searching for their ride at dismissal should be directed to the teachers on duty or taken to the school office.


A note must be sent if a child is going home a different way than they normally do.


The teacher needs to be notified in writing if a child is participating in an after school activity, such as Scouts, Art, Foreign Language, Band, etc. One note for each activity is sufficient.


See Addendum for detailed arrival and dismissal instructions with diagram.


The school is not responsible for the supervision of students when the student is not present on school property or if the student is present on school property after regular school hours.