Absence / Tardiness

A student’s REGULAR ATTENDANCE at school ensures a basic condition for growth through learning.

Parents should call school in the morning if a child is going to be absent. Please call 487-1666, extension 4, before 8:30 A.M. to report an absence. At that time indicate homework arrangements. Homework to be picked up at the office will be available at the end of the day.

If a student is absent, upon returning to school, he/she is to present to the homeroom teacher a written excuse stating:
a. dates of absence
b. reasons for absence
c. signature of parent or guardian

It is the child’s responsibility to check with his/her teacher upon returning to school if there is any other work that has been missed and needs to be completed. If a child is too sick to complete assignments before returning to school, please write a note. The child will be given an extension to complete this work.

Students are considered absent whenever they are away from school during school hours, except for school sponsored or school sanctioned co-curricular activities. Students who must be excused for medical, dental, funeral, or other reasons during school hours are considered absent. Chronic or excessive absences without substantial cause can be a factor in determining a student’s continued enrollment in school.

If a student misses over two hours of school on a given day, he/she will be marked a half day absent. This applies not only to children who arrive at school over two hours late, but also to those children who are gone from school for appointments longer than two hours. A student will be marked “out of building for less than 2 hours” if a child misses less than 2 hours of school.

A student is tardy who arrives after the time fixed by school policy for the start of the school day (Archdiocesan Policy 4202). At SMMA students are considered tardy if they arrive after 7:50 a.m. Students should not be tardy unless it is unavoidable. It is important that they arrive at school on time in order to provide a good start to the school day. Students who are tardy need to report to the school office with a note detailing the cause for the tardy arrival.

A student is truant if he/she is absent from school for a day or portion of the day without the knowledge and/or consent of the parent/guardian and school officials.

A student is permitted to leave the school premises for illness only after the parent/guardian has been contacted. If parents cannot be reached by phone the individuals listed on the FastDirect Family Profile Sheet will be contacted. Parent/guardians are responsible for providing transportation for the student leaving school due to illness.

In accordance with Archdiocesan policy 5301.5, when a student has been absent 10 days or more, consecutively or otherwise, during a grading period, the grade of Incomplete (“I”) is reported until the student has fulfilled the required work for that grading period.