St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School opened its doors in 1964. Today the school serves 435 students in grades Preschool through Grade 8. SMMA School is fully accredited by the Missouri Nonpublic School Accrediting Association, recognized by the Federal Department of Education. In its history, SMMA school has sought to serve the faith community of the parish by educating children in response to the commission of Jesus to teach all nations.

The Hands, Heart, and Feet of Christ

Rooted in our Catholic faith, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School has taught thousands of students in response to the commission of Jesus to teach all nations. Students build a strong faith foundation through participating in Mass, daily prayer, religious formation, and community service. Our faith-filled community teaches all students to be the Hands, Heart, and Feet of Christ.

Our Catholic Identity

Saint Family Program

Students are encouraged to get to know one another as members of the Body of Christ through the Saint Family program. Younger students are partnered with middle school students, who collaborate on activities and meetings, and sit together during Friday mass. Partners are part of Saint Families, who research their personal saints, gather for prayer, celebrate feast days, and join each other for activities. The Saint Family program promotes mentorship, trust, and community among students.

Holy Sacraments

Preparation for Holy Sacraments each year is a joyous time for our faith community. Students baptized in the Catholic Church prepare for and receive Holy Sacraments. Both the Sacrament of Penance and First Holy Communion are received in 2nd Grade. The Sacrament of Confirmation is received in 8th grade.

Eucharistic Celebrations

Celebration of the Holy Eucharist at Mass is integral to the St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School community. Each grade level attends mass once a week, either in person or streamed virtually.

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